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You’re more than a number, and you deserve to be treated better. That’s why you’ll love indipop. With concierge-level customized care our members are blown away by the indipop difference, and you will be too.

In Person or From
the Couch!

Get the care you need when and where you need it with no surprise bills later.

How it works

indipop cost share plans leverage a team, they may be called “care logistics” or “concierge care”, they are there to help guide you to the best route for your medical need. Your first call or action will be to use the phone number or the healthcare app to discuss what your medical need is, the team then navigates the best care at the right cost. Check your plan, the medical visit may be at $0!

You have the peace of mind knowing exactly what the costs are alleviating the stress in navigating the healthcare system.

Concierge Care

Imagine having a team of people dedicated to your health and wellbeing. With indipop plans that’s exactly what you get.

24/7 Support

Anytime, anywhere your care team is standing by to help in all 50 states.

Honest and Upfront Pricing

Before you receive treatment you’ll always know exactly what the costs will be. No surprise bills. Total peace of mind.

How do I know which cost-share to choose?

Instead of having to search dozens of plans for the right one, indipop has curated the best cost-sharing plans with unique features to fit your budget and needs. Each cost-share plan has its pros and cons, so it really depends on the kind of healthcare services you need. You can take a look at the plans we offer here. We personally review dozens of plans and ensure quality!

Some cost share plans are affiliated with different religious groups. However, indipop plans do not have a statement of faith or are tied to a specific religion.

    "With indipop’s help I switched from insurance to a healthshare and it’s the best financial and health move I have made ever. I only wish I knew about healthshares sooner. Thank you Melissa!"

    Amy Benicewicz

      "I wish indipop was available 5 years ago! But alas, here it is and I'm so glad to have flexible and affordable health coverage as an early stage Founder/Entrepreneur. Thanks indipop!"

      Nick Hughes

        "Everyone suffers from the high costs of medical insurance and fighting for reimbursements if you go out of network or being dissatisfied with doctors in network. indipop discovered an alternative known by few and they did extensive research to vet the best health sharing companies. The staff are very professional and use the services they sell. I have been very pleasantly surprised at the concierge-like services and having all my health bills covered to date. I highly recommend this "best kept secret"!"

        Colette Malouf

        All indipop Plans Have..

        How much do cost shares cost?

        With monthly rates lower than traditional insurance ( an average savings of 20%-70%) plus added discounts like dental/vision and mental health, we’ve heard people say “it is too good to be true.” Cost shares leverage a concierge or a care team and in many cases, telemedicine can be leveraged, helping reduce expenses but not sacrificing care.

        Plans start as low as $49.5/mo and an average individual plan is $300, which includes major medical/hospitalization, 24/7 tele-health services, and mental health services.