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How to Ensure Healthcare Coverage for Your Whole Family

Due to rising costs, healthcare coverage for families is becoming less affordable compared to incomes. There are many obstacles in the healthcare system, and finding the right health plan has many families consumed with research. 

Fortunately, there are always options with respective upsides and downsides to consider.


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Exploring the Benefits of Health shares for Physicians and Patients Alike

Top Doctor interviews indipop Founder, Melissa Blatt

Melissa did find an affordable healthcare solution; they are called healthshares, a different approach to managing medical needs. “Our goal is to save you time, money, and frustration. Indipop provides high-value plans that are researched and vetted, carefully identifying plans we would buy ourselves and entrust with our own health and wellbeing.” indipop founder.

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11 Disruption In Business Examples From Disruptors

How are you a disruptor in your business?

To help you find new ways to be disruptive in business, we asked business leaders and entrepreneurs this question for their best advice. From spotting market inefficiencies to consent-based organizations, there are several ways you can be a disruptor in your business?





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The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast

The Hustle Sold Separately Podcast is a great podcast for self-employed entrepreneurs and small business owners. I discuss how healthshares can give you peace of mind for your healthcare while you are growing your business.

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In Response To The PRO Act: 5 Ways To Fix The Freelance Economy

Matthew Mottola, Forbes While 53% say they feel more secure as independents than at a traditional job, lack of benefits and expensive healthcare is a common struggle. Yet rising startup indipop can save independent’s 40% or more on premiums, amounting to over $7000 annually.




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Melissa Blatt with indipop and Alec Laughlin with PHILANDRY

After graduating from NYU, Tisch School, determined to be the next Speilberg, Melissa Blatt made her way to Los Angeles. Over the next few years she worked on several TV shows and Films before moving her way into business development and marketing.

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Healthcare for Freelancers with Kadri Augustin and Melissa Blatt

On this episode of Financially Naked: Stories from The Financial Gym, our host is Kadri Augustin, Financial Trainer, and he is joined by Melissa Blatt, founder and CEO of indipop, to discuss healthshares.


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Healthcare For Freelancers: Busting 5 Myths About Healthshares

What are healthshares and how do they benefit freelancers’ healthcare concerns?

Walk into any Starbucks and along with the shuffling of paper cups and the din of barely hushed conversation, you’ll always hear the pitter-patter of laptop keys.

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