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Oscar Versus indipop

When comparing health insurance options, it can be overwhelming enough, but what if you run into alternatives to traditional coverage such as indipop and Oscar? How do you know what to look for to ensure you have the right plan and can you trust something new? Let’s explore the differences between the two and what sets indipop apart. Read on to learn more.

What is Oscar?

Oscar is a startup health insurance company that utilizes technology to make it more appealing to a modern audience, specifically focusing on the Millennial and Gen Z cohort. Oscar claims to be more user-friendly than traditional health insurance. Oscar strongly utilizes the concept of virtual visits for primary and urgent care, as well as common, basic medications costing $3.

What Oscar does

Oscar plans offer 24/7 access to healthcare providers via their virtual visits, cover preventative appointments, and cover generic drugs until the deductible is met. There are four types of plans offered, which include Medicare Advantage, Individual/Family, Cigna + Oscar, and Oscar for Business.

Problems with Oscar

Oscar may seem promising, but there are many places in which it could be improved. While claiming to be customizable, they offer bronze, silver, and gold plans similar to those offered in the marketplace. It is also only available in 18 states, and within those states, only really usable in metropolitan areas.

Regarding emergencies, when they arise before the deductible is met or if the patient goes outside of the EPO (exclusive provider organization), a member of Oscar could be stuck paying astronomical medical bills. For example, a member may have a plan that has a $1,800 deductible but also has 20% coinsurance for surgery up to $7,000.  This means the total bill could be just under $10,000 and that is if they stay “in-network”.   In another example, if someone has coverage in Atlanta, Georgia but experiences a medical emergency in Knoxville, Tennessee, they could be responsible for paying everything out-of-pocket.

Additionally, according to Forbes, “Oscar Health should not be a top contender if you’re shopping for health insurance. It has double the level of consumer complaints made to state regulators than the industry average. Oscar’s 2.75 star average from the National Committee for Quality Assurance is also lower than many competitors.”

The Oscar website offers very little information about the company itself, what exactly it does, and how it helps consumers. It seems that one must reach out to an agent and many have conflicting information about the pricing. The lack of transparency and readily available information can lead some to feel that Oscar isn’t as user-friendly as they claim.

What is indipop?

The plans offered at indipop do not function like traditional insurance, but they still keep you healthy and safe. Instead of a premium and deductible, you become a member of the “community” or group that shares the cost of medical needs. These plans are also known as healthshares, membership, and cost-sharing.

indipop is different from traditional insurance in that rates are not based on employment status or earnings. This allows people such as entrepreneurs, contractors, and freelancers to have the freedom to choose affordable, comprehensive healthcare coverage. Consumers can choose from a wide variety of plans, including supplemental plans for their specific needs.

The indipop plans work the same from state to state, making them portable for those that spend time in different cities. And if you are an employer who hires across the United States, it is reassuring to know the plan will work the same no matter where someone may be located, whether they’re in Denver or Miami.

What indipop does

Membership plans through indipop offer direct access to your healthcare providers via text, phone, and telehealth appointments. Additionally, all the plans include a medical advocacy, concierge, or care logistics team ensuring access to care 24/7. That way, you’re not alone in trying to navigate a massive healthcare industry.

indipop has over 3 plan options that offer major medical and hospitalization, as well as two group plans and three supplemental options that can be added to any insurance product.

Membership plans through indipop have transparent pricing for when a major medical need or hospitalization occurs, these set rates help limit those surprise fees and provide more flexibility when choosing providers and hospitals for the best care. You can compare the options here.

Benefits of indipop

The average savings are 20-70% compared to traditional insurance plans. Families save the most with several options all under $899/mo and annual out-of-pocket costs of $3,000. The average premium for families with traditional health insurance costs over $1500/mo and deductibles range from $6,000-$16,000. These statistics alone sets indipop apart from the rest.

If a medical emergency arises, you do not have to worry if the surgeon on-call is in a “network”.  The plans offered through indipop all have a set out-of-pocket cost, typically $1,000. This is sometimes known as an MRA (Member Responsibility Amount) or IUA (Initial Unshareable Amount). It is a transparent fee that the patient will owe for the medical need. All indipop plans also offer maternity under $4,000, including pre-and postnatal care.

Another distinction between insurance and a plan offered through indipop is that you do not have to pay your deductible again for the same medical need. For example, if you break your leg in December, you will typically owe $1,000 for the entire medical need. When January of the following year begins, you do not need to pay the $1,000 deductible again. If you are in physical therapy in January, that physical therapy is already included in the $1,000 you’ve paid.

With conventional insurance, your deductible starts over the following year regardless if you are still being treated for the same broken leg.

Set Transparent Pricing

With indipop plans, there is an open network and set rates for medical needs, all with transparent pricing. This ensures you don’t have to worry about networks, locations, or what surgeon, hospital, or anesthesiologist is on call; you will always know exactly what you will owe. Indipop has nothing to hide and wants you to be an active, informed participant in your healthcare.


Oscar indipop
Price Average family plan cost of $1300-$2,000/mo Average family plan cost of $405-$899
Major Medical and Hospitalization Hioscar.com offers different plans with varying rates and deductibles. However, you will need to complete an online quote to get specific pricing and that’s if Oscar is available in your area. Specific and upfront coverages with costs are available at
Added benefits
  • Online support
  • Negotiated rates determined by the insurer in instances where you’re found responsible for a bill
  • No wait to be seen by providers
  • Online support
  • Telehealth options
  • Fair medical pricing based on the healthcare blue book
  • Plans are the metal options (bronze, silver, gold)
  • May qualify for a subsidy.
  • 3 major medical and hospitalization plans for individuals and families
  • 2 group plans for 3+ employees
  • 4 supplemental options can be used with any plan
  • Only available in 18 states
  • Cannot be used outside of your home state
  • Available in all 50 states
  • Benefits stay the same across state lines


When comparing health insurance options, it’s important to have all of the information before making a choice. What may work for one person or family may not work for another. There are options to discover and you should be able to obtain accessible affordable care with transparency in cost and rest assured that no matter where you are in the United States, your healthcare will follow you wherever you are.

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