The indipop Difference

We’ve discussed in the previous blog post about whether or not healthshares are legitimate, a brief history of them, and red flags to watch for. Here, we’ll discuss what sets indipop apart from other healthshare resources out there. See the indipop difference for yourself!

The indipop difference

indipop set the bar high when seeking healthshares to partner with. We research dozens of plans and vet them carefully to meet strict criteria.

We sought out plans that don’t have annual or lifetime caps, don’t function on a reimbursement model where the member had to pay an upfront medical bill & wait for a large check, open to all religious or nonreligious affiliations,  hold stellar reviews with exceptional member services, and lastly, that they were simple to understand & provided high value for the membership. We vet every plan we offer to meet strict criteria in order to ensure you receive the best. Instead of having to search dozens of healthshares for the right one, indipop has curated the best plans with unique features to fit your budget and needs. We personally review dozens of plans and ensure quality!

indipop curates high-value healthshares and puts them in one place. We make sure the healthshare is simple, affordable, other great services, and has no lifetime sharing or annual sharing caps. Each healthshare plan has its pros and cons, so it really depends on the kind of healthcare services you need. You can take a look at the plans we offer here.

Some healthshare plans are affiliated with different religious groups. However, indipop plans do not have a statement of faith or are tied to a specific religion. Our plans are open to ALL, regardless of faith, religion, or spiritual belief.

Indipop plans include:

  • A team to help guide and navigate care available 24/7
  • Quality care right from your own couch with telehealth options
  • Large or open network
  • Transparent fair medical pricing
  • Enroll all year long
  • 20-70% savings monthly and annually
  • No lifetime or annual caps on indipop plans
  • No reimbursement model
  • Maternity is shareable under $3k to have your baby while on the plan
  • Major medical/hospitalization
  • Annual Wellness
  • Inclusive or discounted primary care
  • Mental Health
  • Can be used in all 50 states!

Additional benefits may include vision and dental, Health Savings Accounts, wellness discounts, and chiropractic care.

indipop’s healthshare plans are completely portable across all 50 states. This means that if you decide to relocate, your coverage will follow you wherever you go! Our plans are ideal for families with college students or those who travel often for work.

With an indipop plan, you may continue to see the provider of your choosing. Plan guidelines for each healthshare determine if it is an open network. Some indipop plans utilize the PHCS (Private Healthcare System) network, which provides deep discounts for care, and you may even nominate your provider if they are not part of this network.

When you are enrolling in a health plan not as an employee, there can be sticker shock. Not everyone qualifies for subsidies and in some cases, the subsidies that are tied to your earnings keep you at the same income level for the year. If you earn more, you may need to pay back the length of time you qualified for the subsidy amount. That could be thousands of dollars!

Heathsharing is not to replace traditional insurance; it is another approach to managing medical needs and one that puts the person first and advocates on their behalf. Healthcare is not a one-size-fits-all and not everyone is a “fit” for a healthshare. However, if the idea of being part of a community with set shareable amounts for medical needs, along with a care team available to help guide you, piques your interest, then healthsharing is an excellent alternative to explore.

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