Individual Plans

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By enrolling through indipop you are getting extra guidance and perks without any extra fees!

Great for you if:
You want to ensure you have major medical, preventive health, and unlimited virtual direct primary care to see the same provider as needed.

Great because:
Max out of pocket for individual or family is $3,000
Open network for doctor or specialist
*Additional benefits- annual wellness, mental health, chiropractic care

Great because:
This offers a low cost monthly to have 24/7/365 health services
$45 a month!
No Insurance needed! Available to any and all employees!
You and your whole family have access. No co-pays or surprise bills.

Secure Plan

Great for you if:
Want to use your HSA or interested in starting one.
Meets ACA requirements
To be eligible for the Secure Plan, you have to have an EIN or 1099 number

Care+ Plan

Great for you if:
You are not interested in an HSA or Preventive Care Services then Care+ is an excellent affordable option starting at $225