Plans for Small Businesses & Groups

indipop group plans offer many benefits that insurance may not offer!


Access the same benefits across state lines in all 50 states. Perfect for teams that are spread across the country, with the same great rates from California to Maine.


indipop has several options for your employees, giving them flexibility. This empowers your team to choose a plan that works for their individual needs, not a one size fits all.

Not limited to full timers

Add part-timers or other contractors. These workers are rarely eligible for plans when working less than 30 hours a week. A great perk when you’re hiring.

MPB Health Plan

Group Plan

3 or more employees

  • Health Saving Account (HSA)
  • Preventive care
  • ACA compliant in 49 states
  • Open Network
  • Flexible employer contribution ranging from 0%-100%
  • Low administrative responsibility
  • Concierge Team guides you in navigating any health care need such as providers, medical facilities, medications, labs, and behavioral healthcare.

*This plan in not in Washington

Plan Details

Group Plan

$0 Copay

5 or more employees

  • Virtual Primary Care (24/7/365)
  • In-Office Primary Care
  • Urgent Care
  • Annual Adult Physical & Well Child
  • 12 FREE Chiropractic Visit per year
  • X-rays
  • Mental Health & Tele-Counseling
  • Care Logistic team to help navigate care with the best care at the right cost.

Minimum contribution to employee 50% 

A $145/mo option is available, it includes all the above without hospitalization

Plan Details

These Plans can be used with any insurance

(Hospitalization not included)

MPB Secure Plan

Great for you if:

You want unlimited virtual primary care which an be used with any insurance across the country for one low monthly price

Plan Details

MPB Secure Plan

Great for you if:

You want to save 20-60% at over 270,000 dental and vision providers nationwide with no restriction or limitation

Plan Details
* Not available in VT and WA