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Affordable Healthcare for Small Businesses: Michael’s Success Story with indipop HSA

Looking for flexible and affordable healthcare solutions for your small business team? 

Look no further than indipop! Michael D., a franchise owner with two employees, found the perfect fit for his team’s needs with indipop’s HSA-compatible group plans.

indipop caters to businesses of all sizes, offering a variety of plans to fit your specific needs. Here’s what makes Indipop ideal for small businesses like Michael’s:

  • Remote Team Support: No matter where your employees are located, indipop’s plans cover them.
  • HSA Compatibility: Save pre-tax dollars for medical expenses with indipop’s HSA-friendly plans.
  • Flexible Contribution Options: Choose your contribution level (50% or 100%) towards your employees’ HSA plans.
  • Group or Individual Plans: Offer group plans or allow individual selection for a personalized healthcare experience (plans not based on income or employment status).
  • Cost Savings: Reduce payroll taxes with pre-tax HSA contributions and potentially save thousands on major medical costs.

Michael’s Success Story:

Michael opted for indipop’s Premium HSA group plan and is experiencing significant savings. He’s saving close to $600 per month on expenses, translating to over 70% savings on major medical costs.

Ready to find the perfect healthcare solution for your small business? Get a free quote from indipop today! www.indipop.co


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